How to Find the Right-Best Motorcycle Repair Shop

Use your eyes to observe the shop conditions, ask questions of the owner or mechanics and use the internet to help you find the right or best “Motorcycle Repair Shop” for your motorcycle.

motorcycle repair shop help tips

Motorcycle Repair Shop Help Tips

If you’re looking for a motorcycle repair shop on your own, start by asking your friends if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth can be a great way to find a trustworthy facility.
If possible be sure you check with people who own the same type of motorcycle as you. It is usually best to find a shop who has experience with your specific type of motorcycle or to at least find a mechanic who specializes in with your brand of motorcycle.

When you find a potential motorcycle repair shop, take a look around and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this shop look organized? Motorcycle Repair Work demands meticulous attention, so a mechanic with a disorganized shop might not be as thorough as you’d like.
  • Look for certifications on the mechanic’s walls? Several associations offer classes to keep mechanics up on the latest technology and make sure they keep their skills honed.
  • Does the shop offer a written guarantee? Also, check whether the warranty covers parts and labor, you should get both if they are installing their parts and not your parts.
  • Is the shop owner on premise or are you working with a franchise or company store motorcycle repair shop?
    – If the owner is on premise this can work in your favor by speaking with him or her before your repair is started. When speaking with him try and find out if he is geninunely interested in your repair concerns or if it is all him and his shop. If he is interested in your repair concerns this is a good sign. If he is more interested in himself and/or protecting his shop I would consider this a red flag.
    – If the repair shop is a franchise repair shop or company store motorcycle repair shop I recommend you speak with the service desk before your repairs begin and ask if you may be introduced to the person who will be working on your bike.

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