How to Store Your Motorcycle for Long Periods of Time Help Tips (Florida)

Depending on how long you’ll be storing your bike, you might want to take the steps listed below that help me protect my motorcycles from rust, corrosion, and inactivity.

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Motorcycle Long Term Storage Suggestions

1) Run the bike, fill the tank, stabilize the gas.

2) Change the oil while the engine is still hot, it gets more junk out.

3) Chain needs cleaning and lubrication to help protect it from rust and stiffening.

4) Spray fogging oil in cylinder(s). This should help keep the rings and cylinder walls from rusting.

5) Final fuel system check. If your bike has a fuel line switch, switch it off.

6) Remove the battery if storing for a month or longer. With newer model motorcycles please check the power requirements for onboard electrical and computer devices before removing the battery.

7) Wash and wax paint finishes and especially exposed metal. Make sure bike is completely dry before storing.

8) Find a safe place to park your motorcycle, away from as much activity as possible and try to fence off bike or block the motorcycle from high activity areas.
ALSO; find a place where moisture, dampness and water are relatively minimal (a cool dry place is always optimal).

9) Get the tires off the ground or as free from as much motorcycle weight as possible. If you are storing your bike for months at time wood blocks or devices to lift the tires off the ground or recommended if your motorcycle isn’t equipped with a center stand.

10) A bike cover, breathable fabric sheet for indoor storage and waterproof/weatherproof for outdoor storage, that completely covers the motorcycle and if possible tied snug at the bottom opening.

When in doubt or questions arise about motorcycle storage always contact a licensed professional.

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Motorcycle Storage Help Tips in Florida