Motorcycle Tire Pressure Help Tips in Jensen Beach / Port Saint Lucie / Stuart

Motorcycle manufacturer’s tire inflation guidelines. Look in your motorcycle owner’s manual to find the right PSI (pounds per square inch) of air pressure for your tires. Some bike manufacturers also list this formation on the bike itself. Common locations include the swing arm, front fork tubes, inside the trunk and under the seat.
motorcycle tire pressure help tips
Keep in mind that these tire pressure recommendations are usually dependent upon the weight of you and your passenger, as well as any cargo. For instance, some manufacturers advise adding 3 or 4 PSI when carrying a heavy load. Know your vehicle weight and load, and follow the PSI recommendations specific to your motorcycle. Failure to do so can result in adverse motorcycle handling (wobble and weave) or tire failure, or both.

Check your tire pressure often and adjust as necessary, using an accurate tire gauge. Motorcycle tire manufacturers recommend checking pressure at least once a week. However, many motorcycle safety experts recommend checking tire pressure and tread wear every time you take your bike out. After all, you ask more of your motorcycle tires than you do your car tires.

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motorcycle tire pressure help tips

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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Help Tips